XL American Bully Puppies For Sale in Texas
We ship our dogs by air through United Airlines, and have been doing so for years without incident. The cabin temperature on these flights is regulated for the pets, as they are given a safe ride to their new family that is awaiting their arrival. The shipping process is fairly simple when following these guidelines:
    • Payment of your puppy must be paid in full before your puppy’s plane ticket is purchased.


    • Buyer and seller will come up with 2 dates that will be best for both parties to pick up and drop off your puppy at airport. The second date is used as a back up date just in case the first date falls through.


    • Airfare alone can run anywhere between $300-$400 (400 on the high end) depending on the size/weight of the kennel (weight is calculated at the airlines by adding the weight of the Puppy + the weight of the kennel).


    • Puppy must have his/her health certificate from a vet ($50) plus his/her travel kennel ($80). These are at the cost of the buyer, and yes, I will be gathering these necessities.


    • Airfare cost for your puppy must be sent to MKB at least 48 hours before your puppy’s flight departure. If payment is not sent on time, your puppy will not be leaving on the designated date.


    • Your puppy will travel with 2 large towels inside their kennel that will assist as bedding and absorption in the case your puppy may have a potty accident. Your puppy will also travel with 2 bowls attached to the inside of their cage that will contain water and food. Also your puppy’s UKC paperwork, health certificate, and a small bag of puppy food will be placed in a secure bag that will travel with your puppy.


    • Once your puppy is checked in at the United Airlines pet travel desk, there will be a tracking number that I will provide you with. This number can be used to track the progress of your puppy’s flight. Also you will get a call/text including a picture (showing your puppy checked in) stating that your puppy is checked in and all set for their flight.


    • The most important item you need when picking up your puppy will be your drivers license as it appears on your puppy’s flight information. We also suggest you to bring a large towel, a bottle of water, and a leash.


    • Once you have picked up your puppy from the airport, please give me a call or send me a text to ensure that your puppy is now in your care! Pictures of the puppy with their family are my favorite though!


  • When shipping our puppies, we choose the shortest route available so that our puppies get to you as quickly as possible and this process stays stress free for your puppy.