Yes we ship our dogs. Please visit our shipping page for more information about the easy step by step process. 

Of course we do! The payment plan works like this… Once a breeding is announced buyers can place down a $300-$500 deposit (depending on breeding/pick) to reserve the pick of your choice. Once the litter is born, puppy pictures will be posted, and those who have placed their deposits down will be notified. From the time the puppies are born, buyers have until the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age to pay off their balance in full. As a buyer, you can pay as little or as often as you wish, just as long you pay off your total balance by the time the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age. 

Note: For buyers who can not meet locally, we accept payments through the Cash App and Walmart to Walmart.

If you know that you will be wanting to choose your puppy before another 2-3 people choose theirs, then I suggest you to choose a higher pick. For example, 2nd pick male may cost $3500 (depending on litter) but 4th pick male will cost $2000. If you want to have the first public of the male pups after OUTLAW chooses our pup, then you will obviously be choosing to buy the 2nd pick selection. This pick is obviously higher than the 4th pick in cost. If you chose 2nd pick male, OUTLAW will make our selection first, 2nd pick buyer will make their selection next, and 3rd pick male will make their selection after that, and so on and so forth. Picks will be made at 7 weeks of age (when puppy is paid in full). 

Your pup will come with UKC Paperwork, health guarantee/puppy contract, shot records, and a lifetime relationship with the MKB family to ask me any questions you may have when it comes to caring for your puppy. 

If your pup is being shipped to you, you will get the same perks as above, but you will also be getting a kennel and a health certificate from a certified vet which allowed your pup to travel by flight. 

We give all the pups their shots and dewormings. Your pup will receive one (1) set of shots and three (3) dewormings before they are placed into your care. After this, it is your responsibility to follow up with a vet to proceed with your puppy’s vaccination schedule.